Quality Installation And Maintenance On Air Conditioning System Will Extend Its Life

The importance of a quality installation and maintenance of a commercial air conditioning system in Dayton OH can eliminate unexpected breakdowns during peak months. One of the most important reasons to keep a commercial air conditioning system operating efficiently is to maintain the productivity of the employees. When employees become too warm during their workday, productivity can dramatically drop. Energy costs will increase and the bottom line profits will decrease. When a commercial unit is installed by a reputable HVAC company, they will offer a warranty for 10 years on their labor. This ensures the customer that the HVAC company stands behind their employees. A company confident in their employee’s skills and craftsmanship can offer this type of warranty to their customers.

Commercial air conditioning systems should change the temperature of the thermostat to 85 degrees after business hours. This will save a lot of energy expenses through the warmer months. An HVAC company can install programmable thermostats to achieve this. Preventative maintenance has fiscal benefits to a company. It ensures the air conditioning is working properly and reduces the amount of energy used. It can also improve the indoor air quality through the elimination of particles traveling through the air. A Commercial Air Conditioning System in Dayton OH should only be worked on by a trained technician. Preventative maintenance can result in no major breakdowns that cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. Requesting a company’s maintenance person to repair a system when they’re not experienced with a larger system could result in injury to the employee or to the system.

Installation of an air conditioning system must be personalized to the building and the company’s budget. Air conditioning and heating contribute to a large portion of the utility cost for a business. HVAC units with higher efficiency ratings can help to increase the bottom line. Trained technicians will take the time to discuss the business needs and upon complete perform a heat load calculation. This calculation will ensure the installation was a success. Duct work will also be checked by a technician when the air flow is not reaching its destination. Small leaks or dirt-filled duct work can limit the amount of heating or cooling reaching an area. For more information about a business’s HVAC needs, please feel free to browse our website.

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