Pyramid Scheme or Multi-Level Marketing? Know A Scam when You See One!

Multi-level marketing is a popular business strategy which allows every participant to take total control of their success. However, these business models have also been called “triangle schemes” by some, bringing into question their legitimacy. While there have indeed been some companies which have taken advantage of the multi-level marketing system to garner money from individuals and provide little in return, there are other institutions who use this business model smartly to provide opportunities for their participants and reach a wider variety of people across the world.

Videri is one such business which this structure to equip independent business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs to take charge of their sales and make a difference in the world. You might hear questions such as, “Is Videri a scam?” but you should know that multi-level marketing business strategies and pyramid schemes aren’t the same!

How to Tell The Difference

The Better Business Bureau, for example, offers some particularly good tips about differentiating between these two entities. While pyramid schemes focus on making quick profits from recruiting large numbers of people, multi-level marketing businesses employ strategies to distribute sales to a wider audience with hard work and strategic networking.

  • If a company promises you that you can make large amounts of money with little to no effort, be wary of a pyramid scheme.

  • In some cases, revenue is procured by recruiting more distributors rather than selling the product itself. This is a red flag.

  • A lack of concrete facts and substantiating evidence or past success isn’t a good sign. If this is the case, you are probably not working with a legitimate operation.

So, the next time someone asks, “Is Videri a scam?” apply the facts! In this case, you’ll find that Videri is a company striving to provide hope to the hopeless by donating all profits to feeding children and funding adoption efforts for orphans.

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