Property Management Services: Regular, Detailed Inspections

by | Oct 22, 2013 | Real Estate

Ensuring your rental property is consistently within state and local housing codes is essential to maintaining a safe investment. However, if you consider yourself an inexperienced landlord, you may not possess a detailed understanding of your obligations as an owner or know how to avoid discrepancies and legal disputes. Property management services typically include scheduled inspections which are overseen by a trained and knowledgeable property manager. Regardless of whether you do a lot of traveling or simply have a difficult time balancing scheduled managerial tasks with everyday tasks, a property manager will assist you with keeping your investment secure and in pristine condition. Regularly completed inspections help to prevent smaller fixes from developing into larger, costly ones and sheds light on potentially dangerous or illegal issues.

Minding Housing Codes
There are a number of responsibilities landlords must fulfill in order to maintain a workable and secure rental property. By law, landlords are required to ensure their tenants receive lockable doors and working amenities, such as water, electricity, heat, gas, and reliable plumbing. If a situation arises and a tenant is without water or electricity due to damage that needs repaired, for example, it is up to the landlord to quickly rectify the situation. An owner’s failure to address the problem could lead to expensive legal fees if the tenant is harmed or negatively affected by the incident. Routine inspections are among the many available property management services.  Lombard professionals are observant and detail-oriented, while they work diligently to locate any areas of weakness that could present future problems for their clients and tenants.

Attentive Professionals
Keeping up on inspections is not only necessary to prevent accidents and injuries, but it is also much more cost-effective than letting the chips fall where they may.  Your property manager will know what to look for in terms of damages, such as cracks, leaks, potential infestations, exposed wiring, broken glass, malfunctioning appliances, etc. They will create detailed inspection reports for your reference and discuss your options with you. Agents often have access to a multitude of in-house employees as well as licensed repairmen and contractors who will complete the work at a discounted rate.

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