Prevention of the Slip and Fall Accident

by | Jun 4, 2013 | Lawyer

For a slip and fall in Indianapolis, IN a victim may overlook how serious their injuries really are, and they may not realize that they are not the ones at fault. In some instances, it is the property owner who could be liable in a slip and fall case.

If a person does not notice a particular object that is obstructing their path it could lead to an accident. slip and fall accident in Indianapolis could happen at any time. In order to be protected from this happening, you should understand it is important to be familiar with common causes.

Floors that are Slippery
When a liquid material is spilled on a floor a pedestrian might not notice it when they are walking. A business owner must make sure that any spills are immediately cleaned up to prevent an accident from occurring.
Surfaces that are Uneven
A partially broken tile could cause someone to trip and fall. A business owner should make sure to inspect floorings and make sure that they are repaired.

Pathway Obstacles
If someone is involved in a conversation they may not notice something in the floor that could cause an accident to occur. Business owners should maintain the cleanliness of their establishment and to make sure any unnecessary items are removed from the floor.

Owner Responsibilities
There are laws in place that keep a business or property owner legally liable for accidents that occur on their property. To avoid any slip and fall accident in Indianapolis IN a business owner should make sure their establishment is a safe place. In doing so, they can avoid any potential issues that could result in complaints that are filed against their establishment, and compensation that could be awarded to victims.

Proof of Negligence
In order to have proof that a business owner has any liability in an accident occurring on their premises, there are certain conditions that must be present and documented by the party that is aggrieved.
The existence of a situation that is hazardous should be established.

1. An absence of any warnings or attempts of preventative safety actions are made.

2. The business or property owner disregards the situation and ignores it completely failing to resolve the issue in its entirety.

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