Preparing Staff to Man your Custom Trade Show Displays

by | Nov 4, 2013 | Business, Event Planning

Once you have your custom trade show displays designed you will have the perfect back drop for your company representatives. However, making sure you have the right people in place is just as important as having an exhibit that rocks. Here are a few tips to get your team ready to represent your business with the right approach to get the best results for your investment and efforts.

Sales Leads
Your team will be on the front lines of your custom trade show displays to represent your company and generate sales leads. You have to be certain they are ready to do the job effectively or all your efforts and investment will have been for naught. Ensure they follow a tried and true technique to engage customers and be more successful at lead generation. Here are a few steps to help them succeed:

Make sure as many people are engaged as possible. If it gets busy at least make sure staff knows to acknowledge visitors ASAP and make eye contact with anyone who might be hanging out on the sidelines. Then engage the prospects for 30 seconds with an opening line that will welcome them and raise their interest.

Qualify the prospect to see if they are in fact a true prospect and not just a tire kicker. You can then determine their needs and present based on their needs.

Have a presentation prepared for each product or offering to avoid unnecessary chatting and allow them to get to the point.

Have a closing plan in which there is either a QR code that can be scanned leading to a form online, a business card exchange or scanning, whatever you feel works best for your team. Just make sure they don’t allow prospects to leave without getting their information!

Make sure you hire people with trade show experience. These people know how to work the crowd and sift through the real prospects so they spend their time wisely. Offer an incentive to your team that will keep them motivated and help keep their attitudes positive so they are ready to sell. Avoid the overzealous if this does not suit your business style. You don’t want word to spread throughout the show to avoid the schmuck at your booth.

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