PPC Vs. Social Media Advertising: Pros And Cons

Most entrepreneurs incorrectly believe that they must choose between social media advertising or PPC. Both have their pros and cons, so some people think that they need both. Others think that they should pick the one that fits the best. However, both PPC and social media advertising can work hand-in-hand to give you the best of both worlds.

PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising has been around since the Internet became a popular way to research and buy products. Businesses now have a fast way to get to the top of search results. While it’s done through sponsored ads, it also helps you move upward organically in the results, as well.

Social media advertising is also beneficial. It’s easy to set up your profile and create an ad campaign. It also works well because social media is more instantaneous. You can post, and thousands of people see it. They can share or link it to their page, which gives you more opportunities to be seen.

However, there are drawbacks to both options, as well. For PPC, you only pay the advertiser when someone clicks the ad. Some people will click and then not buy, which means you still have to pay for that click. For social media, you could reach your audience too early, meaning they are just interested and not necessarily ready to buy. When you use both options together, you reach people who are interested and those who are ready, creating a win-win.

At Curate Bee, they provide a wide range of digital marketing services that are designed to complement each other without costing too much. They have a variety of service packages available, allowing you to select the one that best fits your needs now. You can always upgrade later when your budget changes or you want to add more services.

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