Penthouses 101

A penthouse is a unique take on the traditional apartment and is a specially designed living space that is located on the very top floor of a building such as an apartment complex or a hotel. Penthouses are usually classier and more high-end than other apartments thanks to the many luxury features they typically have. The term penthouse originally came from the addition of a small house or apartment space built on the top of a building. In New York City, there are many West Village Penthouses for sale that you can choose from.


Penthouses were first thought up in the 1920s, during the time known as “The Roaring Twenties”, when fast economic growth meant New York City was the at the heart of the American economy and was expanding and growing at a fast rate. The high demand for living in the city and the wealth of many Americans at that time, led to the development of luxury apartments located high above the streets on the rooftops of the biggest and tallest building in the city. One of the first penthouse apartments belonged to publisher Conde Nast at 1040 Park Avenue.


Penthouse apartments are still popular today though not as many people can afford them and they are not as plentiful or commonplace as they once were. They have not only the benefits of a normal apartment like security and convenient location but many luxury perks such as size, amenities, personal space, and a unique style and flare. They have more space than typical apartments but less maintenance than a house. They are located within the city so they are close to everything but being situated high above the noisy streets provide peace and tranquility as well.

When you are in search of West Village Penthouses for sale, one place you should check out first is The Shephard, located at 275 West 10th Street in New York City!

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