Outdoor Strip Lighting Has Many Uses

Not long ago, if you wanted to illuminate an outdoor area, you had to install a number of light fixtures, bulbs, and wiring. However, thanks to outdoor strip lighting, installation, efficiency, and illumination have never been easier. Here are some of the benefits of this innovative product.

What are Strip Lights?

Also called ribbon, tape lights, or flexible cable lights, strip lights resemble tape or ribbons. They have flexible circuit boards to handle all the electrical needs, and lights are installed all along the ribbon. Installing ribbon lights is as simple as putting up tape because some systems come with an adhesive backing.

In the past, flexible cable lights saw limited use. For example, they made excellent accent lighting, but their illumination was limited. However, thanks to modern technology, indoor and outdoor strip lighting bulbs are bright enough to work for task lighting and many other applications. You can buy low, medium, and high output tape lights.

It’s best to buy tape light starter kits because they give you everything you need. For instance, a ten-foot kit comes with power supply, jumper cables, power supply links, brackets and end brackets. You can cut the tape to just about any lengths you want, to customize the installation.

Outdoor Strip Lighting Uses

Do you need more light in the kitchen? Tape lights are perfect for under the cabinet. You can place them in any situation because they require little space.

Maybe you need to light some shelves. Instead of cutting into the wallboard to add recessed lights, it’s much easier to install tape lights.
Is your patio too dark? Ribbon lights add ambiance and increase illumination. Outdoor rated lights are perfect for patios, bathrooms, and areas of high humidity because they are not affected by moisture. These are just a few of many uses you can find, inside and outside the home.

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