Options In Radiation Shielding For Dental And Medical Offices

When it comes to dental and medical offices, most patients do not give a second thought to the use of x-ray equipment. Today, x-rays in many medical and dental offices are designed to produce a very limited amount of radiation, making it safe for both patients and staff with just minor protection through lightweight radiation vests and smocks.

However, for more advanced types of imaging equipment in both medical and dental offices, more substantial radiation shielding is required. Standards and building codes, as well as classifications by ASTM, are in place to ensure the correct radiation shielding requirements are met with various construction materials.

Lead Lined Gypsum and Plywood

Lead lined gypsum or drywall is an ideal option for any medical and dental offices. It can also be used in specialized x-ray rooms and imaging units in hospitals and clinics.

Both lead lined plywood and lead lined drywall are manufactured with sheets of lead as the radiation shielding material on the back of the plywood or drywall. A batten strip, also made of lead, allows the sheets of drywall or plywood to mount to the metal studs of the walls.

Lead Lined Glass and Frames

Another important part of radiation shielding in these types of applications is lead lined or X-ray glass and specialized lead frames. These allow the technician to see the patient and also provides a more open look to the room for the patient.

When installed with lead lined gypsum or plywood, the X-ray glass and the lead frames create a full barrier to prevent any radiation leakage outside of the room. There are also additional construction materials made of lead to ensure the full enclosure of the room for complete patient and staff protection when x-ray equipment is in use.

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