One Hour Laser Teeth Whitening

It may seem impossible but it is now possible to walk through the door of the dentist at 10 o’clock with teeth which are terribly stained from years of exposure to coffee, tea, cigarettes, wine etc and to walk out an hour later with teeth which are considerably lighter. This is exactly what to expect with one hour laser teeth whitening service in New York.

The key to this process is a laser. Although teeth whitening can be done at home with OTC solutions, laser teeth whitening can only be done by a dentist. The dentist first applies a cream to the surface of the teeth; the cream that is used is light sensitive. Once the cream has been applied, the dentist simply shines a laser light on the teeth; this laser light causes the chemicals in the bleaching cream to react resulting in the teeth being bleached. While this process is going on the dentist takes care not to involve the gums, a device called a rubber dental dam is used to protect the gums.

The active agent used in the tooth whitening cream or gel is peroxide, the primary difference between home teeth whitening products and treatments that are given by your dentist is the percentage of peroxide and the length of time the solution is left on the teeth. The systems that can be used at home have a mild solution of peroxide and can only be left on the teeth for a short period of time. On the other hand, the dentist uses a gel with a higher concentration of peroxide, and in cooperation with a laser light, the results are dramatic.

A One Hour Laser Teeth Whitening Service in New York is just that; one hour later and your teeth are whitened to your desired shade. With home systems the gel must be used once or twice every day for as long as two weeks and even then the results are not as dramatic.

There are a number of things to consider before agreeing to any teeth whitening procedure. If cost is a factor then a home system is the best, however, it must be remembered that it not only takes considerably longer, the results are not as impressive nor is the treatment as long lasting. If you are looking for a superior result in less time nothing beats a one hour laser teeth whitening service in New York.

If you are looking for a significant improvement in the color of your teeth and you want it quickly, nothing is better than one hour laser teeth whitening service in New York. Arrange an appointment with Dr. Shekib at New York Cosmetic Dentistry & Smile Makeovers.

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