Office Window Cleaning – Tips To Get Sparkling Windows!

The surroundings that your employees work in will affect how productive they are in the workplace. This is why office window cleaning is such a necessity, no matter how big or small your organisation may be. When cleaned thoroughly, you can prevent the glass from getting weak and can welcome lots of sunlight, which will effectively heat the property throughout winter. Shiny windows will indicate that your business is well-maintained, so what reason do you have not to get out the cleaning solution, brushes and poles? With some basic tips, you can remove smudges and filth from even the muckiest windows.

The Right Recipe

Before you can get started on cleaning the windows on your office, you will need to collect the proper cleaning products. Ammonia is safe for use on most household surfaces and will cut through all types of grime. When mixed with some dishwashing detergent, it acts as a the perfect window cleaning solution. A dry microfibre cloth will prove useful for eliminating streaks, and you can also remove any excess water that accumulates on the windows with something called a squeegee. There are three main types of squeegees – ones with v-shaped blades, ones with round blades and ones with square blades. The hardness of the blade is determined by the durometer, so take this into account when buying supplies or working with a professional.

Choosing a Towel

When you have purchased a window cleaning solution or have made your own with ingredients like water, ammonia, dish detergent and vinegar, you can choose a towel. This towel will be used to absorb surplus liquid which if left to dry under strong sunlight, could cause the window to appear streaky. Choose a microfibre towel, because these lint-free towels won’t scratch the surface. Pay attention to the buffing motion, too. Wiping in a circular motion will prevent smears from forming.

Don’t Forget the Edges

It can be difficult to control a squeegee or similar window cleaning tool if you haven’t had much practice. This is why you need to focus on the edges, because water spots or marks may form on the window pane otherwise. Use a lint-free cloth to absorb water from the edges and start with a small squeegee model, before increasing the size. As your hand-eye coordination improves, your ability to use window cleaning tools will, too.


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