Not All Used Car Dealers are the Same

If you need a vehicle, you may spend a lot of time checking out car dealers. You’ll soon discover that some businesses are honest, but they do a lot of “gray area” practices. In other words, they’re not illegal but considered unethical by top used car dealerships. Here are some practices that you won’t see at the best dealerships.

Bait and Switch

Shady businesses often advertise special cars at ridiculously low prices. When you call to ask about them, they’ll tell you to come in and see what they have. However, when you get there, the car is already “sold.” This is a tactic designed to get you to the lot so they can convince you to buy a more expensive vehicle.

High-Pressure Sales

Did you ever have to deal with a pushy sales person? Unscrupulous sales people resort to pressuring their customers, so they’ll eventually give in to their demands. However, quality-driven car dealers don’t have to pressure their customers. They let you take all the time you need to browse, and if you have questions, they are happy to help.

Trade-In Low-Balling

An unscrupulous dealer may promise you a great deal on your trade-in. However, after inspection, they’ll find all kinds of things wrong, and you’ll lose a lot of money on the deal. Honest dealers have online trade appraisal services from reputable companies. Before you check out cars, you’ll have a good idea of your car’s real value.


Some sales people are not above telling lies. For instance, they’ll urge you to hurry and buy because another customer wants the car. They might exaggerate certain features of the car like fuel economy or promise you extras that they cannot give you. Honest and dependable car dealers tell you the truth, even if it means losing you as a customer. They don’t sacrifice sales for integrity.

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