Nifty Intraday Tips: Mistakes to Avoid

Every trader, regardless of if they are new to the game, or been trading for years, makes mistakes at one point or another. These mistakes, unfortunately, can ruin their entire capital in some situations. Here, you can find some Nifty Intraday tips that will help you avoid these mistakes and remain profitable.

Failing to Trade with Nifty and Sensex Trend

In most cases, Intraday traders will look how the stocks are falling. If they fall by five, 10 or 15 percent, they may rush to make a purchase. However, if the stock goes up by those amounts, then the traders may attempt to short sell the stocks.

When it comes to Nifty Intraday tips, one you want to use is that you should never trade opposite of the market trend while day trading. It is also not a good idea to purchase stock that has fallen by 10 or 15 percent, as it won’t come up during Intraday trade. While it may recover in two to three days, there will never be a profit in these situations.

Day Traders Hold in Loss by Booking Profit Early

Most Intraday traders are in a hurry to book profit and hold long in a loss. This is a problem with quite a few traders and usually a decision that is based on emotion. Rather than trading with brains, they use emotion, which results in them losing their hard earned money. It is best for day traders to determine the target and stop loss and put in a buy or short sell order. This will help keep profits in place from being lost.

There is no question that day trading can be complicated, but with the information here, it is a bit easier. Contact us to learn more.

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