Nickel Boron Coating – Benefits Explained

Nickel boron coating provides enhanced resistance and non-corrosive properties to surfaces to which it’s applied. A number of results include resistance against corrosion, a high degree of rigidity, and the ability to resist electrical activity in some instances. Additional benefits of coating with nickel boron include excellent deposit uniformity, range of brightness, weldability/solderability and non-magnetic characteristics.

Nickel Boron Applications
Two important results of coating with nickel boron include the reduction of friction and drag, and leaving surfaces with high durability aspects. This coating also allows structures to dissipate heat more effectively. Saw blades are the perfect example. Drag is also decreased when applied to ship propellers, bushings, thrust washers, crude oil pumping equipment, truck and automotive transmissions, guide plates, greaseless guns, and so many other areas.

Industries where nickel boron coating can be found include engineering, automobile, chemical and food process, electronics, paper handling, plumbing, furniture, and manufacturing sectors of every kind. The military also has many uses for the coating process. As it stands, there are many modern industries that utilize the process in some manner.

Prolonging the Life of Important Equipment
Vital equipment of every type imaginable, can be harmed by destructive chemical corrosive reactions. Corrosive resistant coatings protect against moisture, oxidation, and UV rays. Improving the life expectancy of machinery saves companies money. Companies also benefit from improved quality standards of their machinery.

Services to Expect of an Industrial Coating Company
When choosing an industrial coating company, customers should look for experts who understand chemicals and material compatibility. The company should also be highly skilled in assembly, and should be able to provide a robust list of satisfied clients. It’s also preferable to find a company that can take a metal coating from prototypes to high-volume production. Vapor polishing and flame polishing are additional services that a full-service industrial coating company should be able to provide.

Industrial coating companies employ experts who can work with clients to help them gain a competitive edge by offering excellent products for their service sectors. So, it’s important to choose a company with the knowledge and experience to provide top-quality products and services for your nickel boron coating needs.

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