New Laminate Flooring: Tips for Flooring Preparation That Make The Installation Easier

The decision to rip up the carpeting and install laminate flooring makes a lot of sense. One thing that homeowners need to remember is that the project requires more than discarding the carpeting and padding. A little Flooring Preparation is in order before the new product is brought into the space. Here are some tips that will help make things go smoothly.

Remove the Baseboards

This will make it easier to remove the carpeting and padding. Keep the baseboards off until after the laminate is in place. This is important since it will be easier to allow enough room for any expansion and contraction that the laminate experiences due to exposure to heat and cold and still achieve a seamless look around the wall line.

Sanding the Flooring

With the installation of laminate products, the Flooring Preparation generally involves sanding. This helps to smooth the surface and ensure it’s even. Thanks to the time spent on the sanding, the installation will result in a floor that looks even and shows no signs of buckling along the expanse.

Clean the Flooring

There will be residue left after the sanding is completed. Use a broom to get rid of any loose residue and then get out the mop to take care of the rest. There may be the need to get down on the hands and knees and scrub some areas of the floor. Make sure the surface is spotless before proceeding. While this is considered essential if the plan is to use some type of adhesive to hold the laminate in place, the same level of cleaning is needed if the homeowner is installing a floating laminate floor.

Stack the Laminate Just Outside the Room

The installation will go faster if the new floor sections are within easy reach. Having them just outside the room means there is no need to move a stack as the sections are laid down and secured in place. The close proximity also cuts down on the back and forth trips to retrieve enough sections to finish an entire section of the new floor.

Visit today and learn more about the options for laminate flooring, the installation process, and even what it would take to have a professional do the job. It won’t take long to find the right flooring, make the preparations, and watch as a pro transforms the look of the room.

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