Myths About Hand Dryers

If you have paid any attention to the controversy that surrounds hand dryers, you may know that there are some people who claim that hand dryers are not as sanitary as paper towels. If you’ve given thought to installing fast drying hand dryers for bathroom then these types of articles or coverage could make you think twice. It’s important that you can tell myth from fact, however. Before you decide that hand dryers aren’t sanitary, you should take a look at the two of the most popular myths.

Bathroom Hand Dryers Contaminate the Air With Bacteria

One of the myths that is spread around is that hand dryers provide a welcoming environment for bacteria and reduce air quality. The truth is that many fast drying hand dryers for bathroom are actually equipped with anti-microbial features that help prevent the growth of bacteria or mildew. There isn’t real concern that they can be a breeding ground for germs. Even with a filter, they are likely to eliminate most bacteria. In fact, with a filter installed, it can even improve the air quality, not degrade it.

Bathroom Hand Dryers Release Dirty Air Onto Clean Hands

There are some reports that claim that a bathroom dryer is going to make your hands dirtier than they were before. The idea is that once you wash your hands, you are putting clean hands into a machine that is going to contaminate them. This simply wouldn’t happen. The air in the dryer is the very same air that you are breathing in the public restroom. There is no health risk associated with the use of a fast drying hand dryer for bathroom.

It’s important when you are making a decision that affects your business that you have all of the facts. When it comes to hand dryers there are myths that can easily scare people away. It’s important to be able to recognize them as such so that you can make a solid decision.

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