Mulcher Teeth – Maintenance and Replacement

Lawn care and maintenance is a part of everyday life. Some people choose to hire lawn services or professional maintenance companies for all their lawn care needs and that’s perfectly fine. But if you are more of a do-it-yourself kind of person or lawn care is just how you relax after a long day then you want to have the best equipment at your disposal. Moreover, you should have the right equipment (mulcher, grass catcher, replacement mulcher teeth and so on) to keep your lawn looking its best.

Mulcher or Grass Catcher
When it comes to the look and health of your lawn, first you need to decide between using a mulcher or grass catcher. If you are looking for a clean, smooth looking lawn then a grass catcher is always a good choice. On the other hand, if your lawn is in need of some proper nutrition you should definitely use a mulcher. Mulching your grass clippings will ultimately ensure that your lawn receive the rich nutrients it needs—keeping your lawn beautiful and green all year round.

Mulcher Teeth
If a good mulching is what your lawn needs, then it important to make sure your mulcher is in proper working order. To do this, you will want to thoroughly inspect your mulcher which includes inspecting the mulcher teeth. These teeth are often damaged or rather chipped when they come into contact with hard debris such as rocks, etc. When this occurs, it’s highly recommended that you purchase a replace tooth i.e. don’t just keep on mulching.

It is important to know what brand of mulcher you are working with so that you find the necessary replacement parts in the right size, type of metal and so on. Furthermore, if your mulcher appears to be in good working order, you may still want to consider sharpening the teeth for the best results.

Changing the Tooth
Once you’ve purchased the appropriate replacement part, installation is fairly easy if you are using an everyday mulcher. If, however, you are using an industrial mulcher i.e. a Loftiness Mulcher you will clearly want and need professional assistance for replacing the Loftness mulcher teeth.

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