Mold Remediation: Letting A Professional Take Control

by | Oct 2, 2015 | Business

Today, people have become more aware of the potential risks and health issues related to mold. Whereas even two decades ago in places such as Glendale Heights, mold remediation was unheard of, today, it is a practice that has become more common. It is one more way that home and business owners have of safe guarding the health of family, friends, guests and clients.

The Problem of Mold

Mold is an organism that may be found growing virtually anywhere even in Glendale Heights home, businesses and industrial endeavors.  It only requires three things:

  1. An organic substance on which to make its home
  2. Moisture
  3. Oxygen

Mold can be specific to a substance. It may be more generalist and grow on any material. Overall, you can potentially find mold growing happily away on:

  • Carpets and rugs – a common occurrence when the carpets have been flooded
  • Food – usually quickly handled by individuals and not requiring mold remediation unless it is in a hoarder’s home
  • Insulation – both inside the walls and on pipes. This is a case where dampness enters the walls or the pipes sweat and moisture builds up
  • Wood – including flooring after moisture has built up. This may be the result of leaking pipes, seepage or a flood

In such situations if the moisture is allowed to build up to an excessive amount and remain, mold will appear. Such accumulation can negatively affect the integrity of the structure and the health of any who live or visit there. The result will be the need to call in a professional mold remediation company.

Mold Remediation Plan

A mold remediation company will arrive to first assess the extent and type of damage done to your home or commercial enterprise in Glendale Heights. In order to perform a thorough job, it may be necessary to relocate the occupants. It depends upon the size of the structure and the type of mold and magnitude of its presence. This will all be provided to the occupants of the building in a cohesive plan. Such a plan will also include the actual approach to be taken to take care of the problem.

A licensed, knowledgeable, bonded and insured mold remediation company will always keep in touch with you and other concerned (and involved) individuals about what is happening. They will explain what methods are being employed. In particular, you will be informed if the plan needs to change its scope.  This is not uncommon as the extent of the mold problem may have encompassed more of the Glendale Heights Property than was originally thought.

These are but a few reasons why you need to be able to trust the company. You need to be able to entrust them with the task of making your home or business inhabitable. You need to know that once they have removed their equipment and left the building, their mold remediation services have effectively and completely addressed the issue.

If you live in Glendale Heights Mold Remediation may be an issue that needs addressing. Contact the experienced and caring team of technicians at Roto Restoration. As a local, family owned and operated, fully insured and bonded business, we provide you with the services you need with the care our clients have come to expect over our 35 years in business.

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