Modern Technology Moves the Products of Contract Manufacturing Companies to Market at Record Speeds

Equipment manufacturers in the medical, aerospace, defense and energy sectors benefit from the continued technical advancements of precision machined parts and components for their product assemblies. Contract manufacturing companies need 100% precision components with greater replication rates delivered by Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining solutions.

The hands-free technology enables machinists to program equipment that delivers the exact component while managing costs and time. In industries that have no room or margin for error, CNC precision machined components have truly revolutionized the efficiency and replication rates in supply chain management.

A Change in Supply Chain Management
Quick response manufacturing (QRM) improves efficiencies in the traditional supply and demand markets by focusing on the front-end of contract manufacturing companies’ parts production with prototyping. The testing phase ensures engineers’ designs will deliver the intended component outcome.

Saving money and time on the front-end of the supply chain helps manufacturers get their products to market before their competitors. It saves manufacturers time and keeps the CNC suppliers’ shelves free of overstocked, inventory. A simple shift to the front-end translates into big savings thanks to prototype generation of parts before full production begins.

CNC Machining Capabilities
Today’s machinist use software solutions such as AutoCAD, SolidWorks, MCOSMOS, Dewhurst DFMA, Boothroye and CAD/CAM to program equipment for components production. Machining today is more about programming and less to do with the physical demands of the 20th-century machinist.

As with any technology, machining software can be shared between design firms and the contract manufacturer that is supplying the end components. The CNC software interface enables machine operators to pre-program and store past prototype specifications. The technology delivers 24/7 reproduction cycles without compromising accuracy on the final delivery of components.

Selecting a CNC Machining Supplier
Many industries look to contract manufacturing companies to design, engineer and mass produce parts and components. Technology has certainly leveled the playing field for receiving competitive bids from CNC machining companies. But don’t cut corners, look at the suppliers that provide CNC manufacturing solutions with prototype testing capabilities. Any contract supplier can compete on price, be sure a prospective supplier focuses on the front-end solutions that include quality response manufacturing with the greatest pass-through capabilities.

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