Mistakes To Avoid When Using Theatrical Makeup

For Halloween, costume parties, small theatrical productions and even school plays and special events, having the right makeup to create just the look you want is important.

In addition to using professional quality theatrical makeup, it is essential to avoid a few of the most common mistakes that people make. Often these mistakes are a result of simply not understanding the correct technique for applying the makeup for maximum visual effect.

For A Natural Look

If characters are to have a natural look, choosing makeup colors that are going to highlight the actor or actresses natural skin and hair color will be critical. Choosing the wrong shade of foundation, blush or lip color will result in a very unnatural look on stage, which will only be made worse by the lighting.

This is also critical if you are trying to create special effects on part of the face or body and natural look on the other to draw a contrast. The natural side has to look natural for the special effects to take center stage.

Incorrect Application

One of the best ways to apply large or small areas of color is to use the right application techniques and quality theatrical makeup designed for this type of use. Wash the area completely and then apply foundation. Applying the bright colors or the special effects over this will ensure proper distribution of the makeup on the skin.

Finally, you may need to use a setting product to ensure the makeup stays in place. Apply using a brush, puff or sponge to apply the makeup as directed, using only as much as necessary. Do not cake on the makeup as this will simply result in makeup that smears.

Choose Colors That Pop

For color and dazzle, use quality colors with high pigmentation that are going to pop. For decorative shapes and more of a pop effect, use luster powders and creams that will add shimmer and shine to specific colors. This is particularly eye-catching if you are creating more of a fantasy look. Cosmetic powdered metals can be used as a base, or they can be incorporated into the design to add that rich, lustrous metallic sheen.

Remember, brighter colors will pop while darker colors are used to highlight. Try to use colors of the same intensity in designs and effects to prevent some areas of the design from appearing washed out or faded.

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