Mississippi Consumer Protection Laws

Mississippi provides its residents protection against products which they have purchased which turn out to be faulty. For those who think they have purchased a car which falls under the protection of the Mississippi lemon laws there is recourse.

* It must be stated that the lemon laws vary from one state to another but even at that there are certain similarities. In Mississippi the purchaser of a lemon car gets recourse direct from the manufacturer, not the dealer. If you have bought a car in Mississippi and it has on-going problems there are a few things that you need to know.

* As soon as you think there is a problem make a complaint but make sure it is very specific

* Do not lose any documentation, save every repair bill

* Make a formal complaint through the mail. Make sure that your complaint includes the make and model of your car, a description of the car and explicit details of the problem and disclose how many attempts you have made to have the fault rectified.

* Keep all correspondence that you might have with the manufacturer

* Do not hesitate to get in touch with the Mississippi Office of the Attorney General if you cannot get a resolution.

The criteria:

Mississippi lemon laws protect you in the event you bought a new car that has a defect that makes it unsafe to operate, has a negative impact on the cars resale value or impairs normal function.

As long as your new car is still under warranty it is protected by the Mississippi lemon law for 12 months after you buy it. Before you can take any definitive action against the manufacturer you must have made a reasonable attempt of having the defect repaired. Once you have had the car in the shop three times to no avail or it has been in the shop for 15 days or more then you can act by reporting the defect to the manufacturer through certified mail.

Once you have made the report you can request either a refund of the original purchase price or a replacement vehicle if the manufacturer does not respond in 10 days or repairs cannot be made to your satisfaction within 10 days.

If you do not get satisfaction you must submit a complaint to the Consumer Protection Division where your complaint will be investigated. If you do not get satisfaction you can contact an attorney and file a lawsuit.

The Mississippi lemon laws are for the protection of a consumer who purchased a car with a serious fault that cannot be repaired. If you are faced with this problem you are invited visit Krohn & Moss Consumer Law Center website for advice.

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