Maybe It’s Time to Take another Look at Hickory Furniture

When it comes to furniture, wood is perhaps the best material to choose. In fact, many people in Georgia today are turning to hickory furniture for a number of reasons. Let’s look a little closer at this wood and discover some of the good things it can provide you and your family.

What is Hickory Wood?

The hickory tree comes from the Carva genus. In fact, there are about 18 different species in this genus, and it is a relative of walnut trees. This is where hickory nuts come from and the trees are known for their narrow leaves which can vary in length a great deal. The wood is very hard and dense. It is one of the most sought after of the hard woods because of its denseness and appearance.

Benefits of Hickory

When you choose hickory wood you are getting some of the strongest and most durable wood on the market today. In fact, you will not find a denser hardwood anywhere on the North American continent. Here are additional benefits:

* Shock resistance – hickory’s hardness and denseness gives it a great deal of resistance to shock. It is often used to make drumsticks, walking canes, wood wheel spokes, handles for golf clubs, tool handles and boat oars. Before strong aluminum alloys came on the scene, many airplane parts were made from hickory.

* Grain patterns – many people choose hickory furniture for their Georgia homes due to its interesting grain patterns. In fact, depending on how the wood has been cut, the patterns can be curvy or straight.

* Rustic d̩cor Рare you thinking about decorating with a rustic flare? Hickory is an excellent choice. Hickory wood blends in with the most rustic of decors, because it offers an old world appearance.

* Versatility – hickory can be used in a wide range of applications. In fact, because of its hardness it is highly prized for burning in fireplaces and it provides a most pleasant aroma. Hickory wood chips are often used in cooking for a special seasoning.

* Dressers and chests – if you are looking for a special chest of drawers for your lovely Georgia home, consider a supplier who offers hickory furniture. You will enjoy not only a very attractive piece for the home, it will be a fine heirloom to hand down to your descendents some day. However, you may want to buy several pieces made from hickory, so there will be no problems when it’s time to decide who gets what.

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