Make Sure You Get The Best Limo In Town

by | Jan 30, 2014 | Transportation

As your wedding day gets closer and closer you will want to start winding up all the loose ends; dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s. When it comes to getting the limousines in St. Petersburg under control you want to make sure that there are no problems on your wedding day.

One way to ensure that you don’t have problems is to arrange the limo in plenty of time. There is no need for you to book it months in advance, but if you are getting married in a busy month such as June, then arrange the booking at least a month ahead of the big day. When you book, discuss with the representative what vehicles they have, perhaps for the bride you will want a white vehicle whereas a traditional black limo is the choice for the bride’s entourage who will be arriving early. Make sure that the times are specified for each car as well as getting confirmation that the pick-up spot is fully understood. In many cases the bridesmaids will be in one hotel and the bride’s family in another, you most certainly want the right car to go to the right place.

When choosing limousines in St. Petersburg you may want to investigate the number of passengers that they can comfortably handle. In many cases a stretch limo can hold the entire female entourage whereas you may wish to have your future mother-in-law picked up in an expensive foreign luxury car such as a Mercedes S550. Depending on the number of guests that have flown in from out of town, you may wish to opt for a 28 passenger mini-bus to get them from their hotels to the wedding venue as a group.

There are many questions to ask and answers to get when you are arranging transport for a large wedding party, not only must you avoid mistakes at all cost, you also have to be concerned about your budget. Take the time to contact a number of reputable and reliable limo services, lay out your expectations and ask for a formal quotation. Compare prices of course, but do not be lulled into thinking that the least expensive is the best. Look for those two or three companies that offer very similar prices and make your choice from them, discounting the cheapest.

If you are approaching your wedding day and you have to get serious about arranging for limousines in St. Petersburg then you are welcome to call upon the best; Luxor Transportation & Limousine Service have every type of vehicle in their extensive fleet, from stretch limos to party busses.

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