Low Loader Trailers

by | Jun 17, 2013 | Transportation

When one first glances, low loaders in Leicester and a flat bed trailer may be thought of as the same thing with a few cosmetic changes. They both are open on both sides allowing for load loading from any direction and because they have no top or no sides they can both carry any load that would fit on a normal lorry.

The observations in themselves are accurate; they do have open sides and no top, but, the low loader has a second elevation which puts the deck lower to the ground, the gooseneck is high so it can couple to the tractor. The low loaders in Leicester can be used to transport higher loads that would be in violation of the law were they to be transported on a flat bed.

The low loaders can carry loads from as little as ten tonnes to upwards of 100 tonnes. The low loader is the ideal platform to transport construction equipment; such as excavators; military equipment such as tanks, and large pieces of industrial machinery. The design of the low loader makes it ideal to work in field conditions where the convenience factor of loading equipment is important.

Oversize loads:

Often the trucking company is asked to carry an oversized piece of equipment or vehicle. In circumstances such as these, an oversize load permit can be granted; the permit will specify the conditions under which the load can be transported. There may only be certain roads that are allowed to be travelled on, certain times of the day or night may be specified to make the move. Oversize loads need to be accompanied by the authorities, usually the police and the trucking company will put outriders well ahead and behind the load to warn other drivers.

Types of low loaders:

There are two types of low loaders in Leicester; one being a front loader and the other a rear loader. The front loader will either detach itself from the gooseneck or the gooseneck will lower. The rear loading design is the most used; it loads from ramps at the rear which allow the load to drive on. When the cargo is to be loaded by a crane, either type is suitable.

Unsecured loads:

The load being carried on the low loader must be securely fixed to the trailer. There have been unfortunate incidents where the load was not secured and it shifted leading to serious issues of driver control.

As well as a load shift becoming a control issue, there is also the danger of load coming off the low loader. This is a major concern for those who are loading and unloading the equipment as well as other drivers.

An unsecured load is a rarity when the company employs skilled and dedicated workers.


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