Love Limes? Enjoy Fresh Citrus at Home

“Lime tree for sale” may be the type of thing you would expect to hear in Florida or some other warm climate location. Nothing beats the fresh taste of limes for drinks, meals, and key lime pie. No matter where you live in the continental United States, you can care for, grow, and harvest a lime tree in your yard or home.

Who Can Grow a Lime Tree?

With the proper instructions from expert citrus growers, anyone has the ability to help one flourish and produce delicious fruit. In the southern states, you can plant the trees directly outside in full sun. Northern residents may enjoy younger or dwarf varieties indoors in a large pot.

What Types of Limes are Available?

It is difficult to say how many varieties of lime actually exist in the world. The fruits called lime vary somewhat, and the plant itself hybridizes readily. Besides the most common kaffir, key, and Persian limes, there are a combination fruits like the blood lime, (lime, mandarin, and sweet orange), the limequat, (lime and kumquat), and something called a sweet lime, which can be a lime crossed with any variety of sweeter citrus fruits.

Homegrown Taste Is Hard to Beat

Any one of these types of lime tree for sale can give you flavorful juice to use in a variety of ways. The leaves of citrus plants are also edible for ethnic cuisine, refreshing tea, and for essential oils. Besides the many uses for fruit and leaf, the trees themselves are attractive and fragrant additions to any home or garden.

The delicious, fresh taste of natural limes cannot be beat. When you want authentic taste, you want a lime tree for sale from a reputable grower with experience and knowledge. Not only will you get better quality and healthier plants to start with, but the education received on how to grow the plant and prevent disease and other problems will be invaluable for continuing lime production through the years.

Lemon Citrus Tree has been offering varieties of lemon, lime, orange, and other citrus trees for more than 10 years. The Louisiana farm has been in the family for six generations and has expanded to farms in Florida, Texas, and California. Education about proper citrus tree care is a cornerstone of their business, and they offer a three-year limited warranty on properly cared for plants.

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