Local Moving Companies Serving Birmingham, AL – Some Pre-Move Preparations

When the announcement “we’re moving” has been made, it may invoke excitement. But at the same time, that excitement may soon be dampened somewhat when thoughts of the planning, coordination and execution required come to mind. Regardless, moving to a new location opens up new doors of opportunity—opportunities that may not exist otherwise.

The relocation process itself covers many responsibilities. This is where residential and commercial moving customers can rely on the services of reliable local moving companies. Birmingham, AL, is home to quality providers that can take over the relocation process and handle all of the heaving lifting on your behalf.

Moving Prep

After you have selected a moving company to perform your relocation, the company’s representative may visit your home or business to evaluate the scope of the move. Once the terms of the move have been agreed upon, the mover will be ready to proceed with the move. Before the moving truck is loaded, the movers will handle the packing and loading of all of your equipment. Prior to moving day, you also want to make a note of the fragile and sensitive items you need to relocate to the new destination. These items as well can be handled with specialty packing services by your mover.


With a full service mover, you can depend upon full packing services if you wish. You may also prefer to pack some or all items yourself, which may involve only using partial packing services. Either way, a premier provider among local moving companies will give you options that can be catered to your exact relocation needs.

Moving Day Tips

If possible, be present when all of your goods are being loaded onto the moving truck on your moving day. After you tour your home for the last time once loading has been completed, be sure to check and then sign your local moving company’s inventory. A leading moving company has a move coordinator who can answer any of your questions as they crop up to ensure that your entire move is smooth from start to finish.

Moving Day

If possible, it is good to be present on moving day to see how your relocation is carried out. There will likely be a moving coordinator or manager on hand to oversee the entire move. If you have any questions, ask the individual in charge of the moving project. Make sure that everything has been packed and removed from your home that is destined for the new location.

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