Lease Office Space to Boost Your Business

Where you go to work each day has a huge impact on the way your work and your ability to focus on what you are doing, as well as the ability you have to be productive. This means the design of your office space, no matter if you are working from home, or in a larger business centre, is extremely important. This is not just about the Feng Shui of the space, it is also about seeing results to get things done.

Studies have shown that a well-designed office space can actually increase your productivity by as much as 20 percent. Now you may wonder how to achieve this higher productivity for your office. Some tips to do just that are highlighted here.

The Lighting

Lighting is considered one of the most important considerations when trying to create a space where you can remain focused and productive. While it is extremely important, it is the feature that is most overlooked. Bad lighting can result in headaches, eyestrain, fatigue and even irritability. Additionally, if you are working in a dark space day after day, it can actually cause depression.

The solution is to use natural light is there is a window nearby, or use natural light bulbs in lamps near your desk or work area.

Utilise the Power of Ergonomics

If you have ever found you are having to stretch and move around often in order to stay focused, then you know how important it is to have a table and chair that is fitted properly. In the modern work environment, there are many people accustomed to sitting all day and may not realise how a poor set up can affect their productivity in a negative manner.

Some general ergonomic checks you can perform include the following:

  • Your eyes should be between 24 and 36 inches from your computer screen.
  • Your feet need to be on a foot rest or on the floor.
  • When your chair is in a slight reclined position it can help to improve your posture and reduce the pressure put on your spine while reducing lower back pain.

Taking the time to create an office space that encourages productivity will pay off in the long run. While it may be a bit of an investment to begin with, it will pay off with a higher level of productivity that will increase your sales and bottom line.

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