Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning – Iowa Businesses Keep It Clean

Kitchen exhaust cleaning or hood cleaning is the process of removing grease that has accumulated inside the ducts, hoods, fans and vents of commercial exhaust systems in commercial kitchens. Kitchen exhaust systems that are left uncleaned eventually accumulate so much grease that they become a fire hazard.

Anyone who has been around a commercial kitchen can recognize the smell of built up grease and grime. It sneaks out from the kitchen and into your dining room and can make both your staff and customers sick. Even worse, if your kitchen smells bad, it’s certain to be a fire hazard, which can indicate a potential violation. A kitchen violation can shut your restaurant or cafeteria down. How often you clean your kitchen exhaust system depends on a number of factors, but it is important to have regular maintenance scheduled for kitchen exhaust cleaning. Iowa businesses must adhere to this schedule in order to help prevent the possibility of fires.

When to Clean Your Kitchen Exhaust
When it comes to cultivating a safe commercial kitchen space, everyone knows that counters must be scrubbed down, and food products need to be handled properly. But maintaining your exhaust hood system is just as important, maybe more than anything else on your kitchen’s to do list. But how often should you clean your system? The first thing to consider is your kitchen’s overall workload. The harder your exhaust system works, the more often it’s going to need a good cleaning, and then there is the amount of hours your kitchen is open and the amount of potential grease build up your exhaust system may be hiding.

What’s Cooking?
How often you clean your exhaust can’t be determined by just your operating hours. What you’re making, and how you are making it, is just as important.

The reasons for undergoing this thorough process are many. Owners clean their systems for insurance requirements and to abide by the rules in their state or municipal health board. But the most important reason to make sure a thorough kitchen exhaust cleaning occurs with regularity is simple: to avoid a fire. There is nothing more important than keeping everyone safe and secure by setting up a good schedule for kitchen exhaust cleaning. Iowa businesses depend on some of the best professionals to get the job done right.

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