Keeping Moisture Away From Storage In Tacoma

When someone decides to rent a storage unit to protect their belongings, they will want to take the necessary steps to ensure moisture does not make its way inside the space. Humidity can cause wood rot, rusting, and other damage to items inside a storage unit. If the storage unit is not climate-controlled, the user can take a few steps on their own to ensure humidity levels do not rise inside.

The person needing Storage In Tacoma should make sure the enclosure they rent is complete sealed from the conditions outdoors. They should check that the door does not allow moisture to come in underneath. If there is a small gap, they can ask the manager to make a repair. Checking the interior walls for cracks can also be beneficial. Management could fill these in with caulk if needed.

It is important not to place any wet items inside the unit as they will raise the humidity level as a result. Place all material items in a drier for ten or fifteen minutes before placing in a box. Wipe down all items with a piece of dry cloth before placing in the unit. Do not seal furniture inside plastic as any moisture that may be inside at the time of storage could damage the items. Place any water items like fishing rods, canoes, rafts, or life jackets in the sun for an hour or two before placing into storage.

Place some cedar wood pieces in the storage unit to help absorb any moisture from the air. These can be swapped out with new pieces at each visit. They will also help make the enclosure smell nice. There are also several commercial products that take away humidity from an area that can be used inside a storage unit to keep levels low.

If someone is going to be placing items in Storage In Tacoma, they can check out units beforehand to make sure the space is dry and comfortable. They can also take some of the above precautions to help keep the area they rent free from excessive moisture. Call a few storage unit rental services in the area to make appointments to view the enclosures they have available.

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