Keeping Humidity At Bay With Climate Controlled Storage Services in Estero FL

When there is a need to place personal belongings in a storage facility, finding one that will keep items protected from potential damage is necessary. Humidity can cause a variety of problems from wood rot to rusting. Finding a facility with climate controlled storage services in Estero FL is a great option in keeping belongings dry. Here are some tips to consider when storing items, so they are at less risk of moisture damage.

Lift Items Away From The Storage Unit’s Floor

Many storage units have cement slab flooring. When warmer air hits this cement, moisture can pool up in portions, leaving valuables at risk for moisture damage. It is a good idea to place pallets or storage shelving units on the floor so items can be lifted into the air, away from spots where moisture can be present.

Make Sure The Area Has Proper Sealing Capabilities

Before renting a storage unit, it is best to take a look at the door to ensure it provides a proper seal against high temperatures and moisture. If water is able to seep underneath the doorway, items inside of the area are at risk of damage. If a unit seems to have inadequate sealing, the person renting the space should ask to see another unit instead so their belongings remain safe.

Rent The Right Type Of Unit To Keep Moisture Away

Renting one of the Climate Controlled Storage Services in Estero FL will aid in keeping personal effects safe from humidity and moisture. The temperature will remain at a level that will provide a cooled area, making it less likely that humidity will be a problem. In some instances, the person renting the unit will have the capability to make changes to the settings as they wish.

When it is time to rent a storage unit, finding one that provides climate control is best. Get more information about a storage facility in the area that has this feature as well as several other benefits. Call today to find out rates or to get address information if desired. An inspection of a unit can then be made before renting one.

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