Keep Your Concrete Removal Running Efficiently

What would you do if you noticed that the concrete surrounding your property is starting to break down and requires replacing? For a lot of people, patching up the area and covering it with a resurfacing product will be the easy option. However, this is a short term fix to what could be a long-term problem. It’s better to be safe than sorry, so why not deal with sunken concrete slabs, deep cracks and concrete that has spalling in the right way? Concrete removal services offer an economical solution to these problems. Save time and keep things running smoothly by taking the following demolition tips on board ahead of resurfacing with new concrete.

Choose Your Weapon

There are numerous techniques to choose from when removing old concrete for resurfacing. By experimenting a few days before demolition commences, you can figure out what would work best for you. A jackhammer with a trailer-mounted compressor could save you time, whereas an electric jackhammer might be easier to operate. Consider using a sledgehammer before introducing the bigger tools and machinery, because this will come in handy for breaking up large pieces of concrete.

Find a Team

The team of people you work with should have enough experience to carry out concrete removal in even the most awkward of spaces. Remember that a bigger team won’t necessarily be better. Look for a group of people who can perform particular tasks, so as to keep everything under control and running smoothly. Ask for proof of licenses and insurance too, because if a business blunder occurs, insurance will cover it. A license will prove that the concrete removal specialist has undergone the required training to operate machinery in various environments. It will also indicate that the specialist has attended ongoing training and attained the necessary qualifications to work in the industry.

Stopping Flying Shrapnel

No matter how careful you are at removing old concrete, it is inevitable that shrapnel will fly and cause a safety hazard. Siding can be damaged and shards of concrete might break glass unless plastic sheets are used to catch pieces of concrete that might otherwise put you and others at risk of an injury. Concrete removal specialists will focus on particular methods to reduce the risks, as well as use safety gear. Don’t forget to plan a disposal strategy too, as you will need to choose between renting a trash container or paying for recycling services once the job has been completed.

The mini excavation specialists working at Lethal Excavations can assist with concrete removal. Get a free quote if you are based in the South Eastern suburbs.

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