Keep Truckin! When You Need Large Truck Repairs

The needs of large trucks differ significantly from those of smaller vehicles, which is why truck drivers cannot simply call anyone when they are in need of servicing or repair. Roadside assistance for truckers needs to be highly specialized, in terms of the equipment their mechanics and technicians carry and also in the training and experience they have. Moreover, trucking companies are responsible for their drivers’ safety and to their clients, who are counting on them to deliver products on time and in the condition they expect. When trucks break down whether in cities or on the side of the road, the service response needs to be swift, safe, and reliable. B&L Recovery and Towing is one of the only New Jersey companies specializing in heavy duty vehicles like large trucks.

Given the critical need for specialized towing and repair services for large trucks, trucking companies and their drivers need to familiarize themselves with B&L. B&L has several different locations, meaning that service and repairmen can offer drivers and trucking companies in various geographic locations the timely services they need. B&L tows the vehicle to one of its service centers, depending on the location and the needs of the large truck—the locations offer multiple bays for multiple repair jobs including drive-through bays and large acreage needed for the heavy duty jobs. Large truck repair often entails welding, fabrication, and other heavy duty services that B&L can provide, on an emergency basis or on a regularly scheduled maintenance program clients can set up with them.

The needs of truckers and trucking companies are highly specialized and require the intervention of a qualified provider like B&L. Many of the large truck repairs need to be made on the fly and in ways that ensure no break to service delivery or to the driver’s schedule. Large truck repair companies like B&L help drivers and their companies rest assured that their businesses will continue to function smoothly even when mishaps occur.

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