Keep Alive or Take Apart: Junk Yards in Phoenix

by | Feb 6, 2014 | Automotive

The auto scrap yard remains the perfect place for car enthusiasts. The love and knowledge of cars of all kinds is impressive. Every vehicle or part that comes through is rife with a versatile number of attributes and possible course of action. So what action is taken upon the arrival of new items?

Break Up or Keep as a Whole?

The junk yard is not some mythological trash pile where any customer digs through stuff to find that one part they need. Professionals sift through incoming vehicles and take one of two options with each one. The more interesting option is the dissection. If the car does not run, or requires a major repair, they will separate the car into a multitude of smaller pieces. The exterior chassis is broken up into many smaller items, and the engine itself is ripped and separated into categories. Professionals will at that point decide if any item is salvageable enough for sale or if it should be recycled. Professionals will also decide what to do with the larger pieces that have less resale value. It is not uncommon for junk yards in Phoenix AZ to remove anything of value on a vehicle and recycle the rest. The car is smashed into a little box and sold as a chunk of resalable scrap metal.

Of course, the other option is to sell the car outright. Functional cars do come in every once in awhile, and these cars actually have some legitimate value outside being broken apart and sold for scraps. A single modest repair could have the car up and running smoothly, so professionals will diagnose the functionality of the vehicle and determine if this is an option.

Junk Yards in Phoenix: New, Used, and Everything in Between

Alma Imports is one such junk yard that makes the decision of breaking apart or keeping whole any given day. But they do get plenty of new items through retail and wholesale outlets. These newer retail items are a specialty in the company, and they attract the attention of many visitors due to their wholesale prices. A lot of money can be saved by fixing the car and getting the part from a respective scrap yard and not from the retail shop directly.

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