Is Independent Living in Florida Right for You?

by | Oct 18, 2013 | Retirement

Many elderly individuals who need assisted living tend to shy away from the idea of nursing homes and retirement centers. In many cases, retirement facilities operate on a very strict schedule that leaves little room for residents to complete the daily activities they enjoy. Meals, accommodations, recreation, socializing, and more, are typically regimented and leave open only a very small window of freedom and individuality. Independent living in a senior resort community is the perfect solution for elderly individuals who prefer to live life on their terms, but would enjoy the security of having attentive and reliable support when necessary. If you’re interested in relocating to a retirement facility, know that independent living in Florida offers numerous options regarding dinning, housing, and recreational and social activities.

Suits Your Preferences
People have dissimilar personalities and interests, and strictly regimented schedules can easily impede a more independent individual’s sense of self-sufficiency. If you currently lead an active life and enjoy making meals, participating in recreational activities, or socializing with friends, you’ll likely feel inhibited in a less flexible retirement facility. Independent living in Florida gives seniors the opportunity to continue living their lives at their own pace without the restrictions of a schedule that wasn’t designed around their preferences. Independent Living facilities that allow residents to select a dwelling that suits their needs, participate in the activities of their choosing, and be as relaxed or as active as they’d like, not only promote satisfaction, but provide numerous health benefits.

Greater Health & Morale
Engaging in frequent activities, eating nutritiously, and leading an active lifestyle have all been proven to deliver numerous health benefits, regardless of one’s age. When you choose an Independent living community, you can expect access to various fitness options, recreational activities, healthy eating options, and a friendly and strong support system from staff and fellow residents. Independent living alternatives work to keep residents stimulated mentally and physically, thereby improving their overall mood and morale. When you’re living the life you want to live without the burden of sticking to a premade schedule that forces you to limit your opportunities, you’re much more likely to get the most out of your retirement experience.

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