Integrated Janitorial Service For When The Next Flood Hits

Picture yourself standing in a flooded living room. The water is ankle-deep or worse. Carpeting, the lower parts of furniture, and anything stored in drawers and trunks at floor level is now submerged. And, when the waters recede, everything that was submerged is bound to be coated with a layer of grime and sludge. The walls also will end up marked with a rust-brown flood line.

The weeks following the inundation will be marked by ripping out of ruined carpet, throwing out of ruined furniture, scraping and cleanup. The danger of mold formation is immediate. Anyone who has seen the inside of a badly flooded home has seen this first hand. The layer of green and black spots covering walls, books, and pictures is sickening in and of itself. Also sickening is the knowledge that all that mold-infected stuff is ruined.

Integrated janitorial service seeks to restore as far as possible the damaged innards of the home as far as possible. Companies such as Northwest Professional Services Inc bring in pumps and heavy-duty drying equipment to suck out the water and begin the process of removing trace moisture from the walls and salvageable furnishings. Mold remediation is the next step in the process of restoring the house to habitability. Special cleaning agents are applied to floors, walls, and ceilings after the last infected objects are removed and disposed of. This is especially important considering the health hazard mold represents. Its elimination is paramount before any building can ever be reoccupied. Finally, of course, comes the cleanup of flood residue from the floors and walls, to eliminate the last trace of the flood line and the discoloration, as well as any remaining smell, of all ground-level rooms. The end result, when done properly, is a house restored to its pre-flood condition.

Flooding can take one of several forms: the flash flood from the local creek or river, the collection of rainwater over a long enough period that nearby drainage cannot cope with, and of course the backing up of the sewage. The use of a professional Integrated janitorial service represents the hope and means of restoring a house to a condition where renovation becomes possible.

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