Industrial Metal Supply: Building With Steel

In San Francisco, new buildings rise up every day. They range from skyscrapers to residents to offices to institutional facilities. Some of the basic materials the industrial metal supply fabrication companies keep on hand to sell to engineers and construction companies are stainless and structural steel. They are both essential components of many common and some exotic and unique structures.

Building with Steel

Whether the job is small or large, structural steel plays a significant role in the process. Stainless steel is also in demand from those who work on engineering and building various structures. Throughout San Francisco, steel is bluntly visible or working hidden behind the scenes. When it comes to building construction steel plays many supporting roles. The material becomes or is incorporated into such things as:

 * Columns
 * H-beams
 * I-beams
 * T-beams
 * Building skeletons

Structural steel, fabricated offsite by a highly qualified, experienced and expert team working to exact specifications and executing the highest degree of quality control, acts as load bearing members of the building.

Why Choose Steel?

Steel has been used in buildings of all sizes for more than a century. Although not the oldest metal used by construction and engineering companies, it is definitely, one of the most commonly employed. Steel is a metal of choice for several reasons including:

 * Safety: Steel is relatively easy to work with and poses no toxic threat to those who handle it in the fabrication and constructing business

 * Availability: It is easy to obtain high quality structural steel at an industrial metal supply company or fabricator. They can provide you with the right size, shape and finish. They can quickly supply a company with standard pieces or work with their engineers and other staff to produce customized steel materials

 * Durability and Strength: Steel has a very high strength-to-weight ratio

 * Fire Resistance – Structural steel does not burst into flames. It is noncombustible. This quality is further enhanced in high rise structures under the various building codes

 * Anti-Corrosive – While steel can corrode over time, particularly in the presence of an environment that is wet and/or salty, fabricators take specific measures to decrease this treat to structural integrity.

 * Anti-Mold and Mildew – The use of steel as studs in moist and humid environments decreases the ability of mold and mildew to become an infestation
Sustainable: While steel is durable and hard, it is also recyclable. It requires little water to produce and/or reshape

 * Cost Efficiency: When it comes to moving supporting and structural designs from paper to reality, structural steel proves consistently to be the most cost-effective producing the structure

You can also add earthquake proof to the reasons why structural steel remains to be used extensively in the building trades.

Industrial Metal Supply Companies Work With Steel

Although steel is not the only metal on the market capable of being supportive in building construction, it remains one of the most popular. Working with concrete and glass, steel proves its worth time-and-again in the field. It is easy to see why fabricators and industrial metal supply companies work with steel.

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