Importance of Landscaping Maintenance in Guilford, CT

It can cost quite a bit to have beautiful landscaping designed and installed on a property. However, that money will be wasted if the new landscaping isn’t properly maintained. Proper Landscaping Maintenance in Guilford CT is necessary to keep any yard looking its best.

Mowing and Weeding

The grass needs to be regularly trimmed, and any weeds need to be removed from flower beds and grassy areas. While many people choose to handle this themselves, hiring a professional to come in and do the job can free up a lot of time for other more enjoyable tasks. A professional is also likely to notice if there are invasive species of plants taking over that need to be removed or if there are some fungi that need to go. These plants will use up the nutrients in the soil and water that the plants you actually desire need to grow and stay healthy.


Bushes and trees can start to block sunlight and look a bit unsightly if they aren’t trimmed and pruned from time to time. Not all homeowners are familiar with the proper way to do this to encourage new growth and keep the plant healthy. Incorrectly trimming a plant could cause it to die, so some people prefer to leave this to the trained professionals who provide Landscaping Maintenance in Guilford CT.

Pest Control

Should pests like beetles, boring insects, grubs or aphids start to infest your property, they could destroy the plants, lawn, and trees. A professional will know the best way to control these pests without harming any of the landscaping or putting your family or pets at risk with potentially harmful pesticides.

Other Tasks

A professional landscaping company can also handle other related tasks, such as maintaining any hardscaping, fertilizing, mulching, aerating the lawn, cleaning up leaves in the fall and fixing drainage issues. Some companies even handle snow shoveling or plowing. The company will also be able to plant new plants to replace any that don’t survive, so there aren’t gaps in the landscaping.

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