Nozzles play a pivotal role in firefighting system. Tactics and performance determine which nozzle is to be selected.

Why Nozzles are important?
Nozzles help in life saving situations wherein they play a major role in giving out the right amount of water at the right time in right amount. Functions of nozzles include:

Controlling the Flow of Water at the accident place.

Providing proper reach so that water gets to the desired place in time

According to the situation nozzles give out a straight stream or wide angle fog spray

Types of Nozzles:

  1. Solid Bore Nozzle
  2. Single (Fixed / Variable Flow) Gallonage Nozzle.
  3. Adjustable Gallonage Nozzle.
  4. Automatic Nozzle
  5. Multi-Purpose Nozzle

How to select a Nozzle:

Selection of nozzle depends on the type of application wherein you intend to use it. The below mentioned parameters will help you to decide which type and size of nozzle is best for you.

According to your flow range requirement

The amount of flow that can be controlled by available manpower

Whether different patterns are required?

Who should control the flow- the nozzle operator or the pump operator?

Durability of the nozzle

Is high level training required for nozzle control?

After going through this article, you will be better prepared to choose how to spend their limited resources on the right combination of nozzles.

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