How to Tell if Something is Wrong With Your Tires

Car maintenance isn’t just financially responsible; it can actually save your life, or the life of others. The most important parts of your car to maintain are your tires. They are the only contact that your car actually has with the world, and consequentially take more abuse than any other part. Here are a few things to watch out for to see if you need tire repair service.

Tire Pressure
Most cars made after 2008 will have an indicator that will tell you if the tire is losing pressure. If the signal goes off, you definitely need to refill the air in your tires. If you don’t have a signal, try your eyes; if any of the tires are looking flatter than normal at the bottom, refill them. Air dispensers at gas stations will have gauges to tell you what your tire is at once you start refilling. Make sure you know what to fill them up to, which will be printed on the sides of the tire. If a tire is low again shortly after refilling it, you have a leak.

Gouges or Cracks
If any spots on your tires have gouges or cracks in them, then you could have a flat tire sometime soon. The cracks can be thin and nearly unnoticeable, or the gouges shallow, but any compromise in the structural integrity of your tire will eventually escalate.

Over time, the rubber walls of the tire can weaken and thin. The air pressure inside your tires needs to be pretty strong to be functional, so spots that are weakened will bulge outward. If you neglect any bulges in your tires, you could be heading for a blowout.

Tread Wear
Tires that manage to survive a long time with no breaches still can’t last forever. Eventually, friction alone will rub away too much of the rubber on your tire, and you won’t have enough tread. Tread is important, it’s what makes sure the whole car turns when the tires do. There’s a handy homemade trick you can use; take a penny and insert it in the groove of your tire. If you can see Abe’s entire head, you need new tires.

Even if none of these symptoms are present, trust your gut. If you’re feeling too much vibration, or something just feels wrong, you need tire repair service. In Mesquite, TX, Town East Automotive is a trusted choice for your service.

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