How To Make A “Stuck In Left Field Booth” A Traffic Magnet

If you are planning to attend a large tradeshow, with hundreds of different booths, there is a chance that you may be stuck in left field, lacking the flow of traffic you would like. The fact is that this scenario happens all the time, especially to first time attendees, or those who have a smaller budget. While this can be frustrating and discouraging, there are steps you can take to help make your booth successful, even if you have a less-than-ideal location on the floor.

Promotion is Key

The key to a successful tradeshow event, regardless of if it is your first or 50th, is to promote your presence ahead of time and then keep it going through various forms of media. Some of the key ways to ensure that trade show exhibit is packed during the entire show, regardless of your position on the floor, are highlighted here.

Pre-Show Marketing

This is extremely important, especially if you have been given a location that the bulk of the audience may never see. This type of marketing comes in several different sizes and shapes and you should, at the very minimum, spend a bit of time letting your clients know where you will be located during the event.


If the show you plan to attend offers exhibitors access to a list of those who will be attending, you should consider renting it for an email blast. If you also have an internal list, be sure that they know where your booth will be and the offerings that you will have present.


If you want to attract a crowd, advertise in your promotional materials that you are going to offer free samples and prizes. You may even want to offer a premium giveaway for those who actually respond to a smaller promotion or to individuals who are considered potential clients.

Social Media

Regardless of if you do it internally or hire an agency, it is important to get the buzz out about your upcoming tradeshow display. Also, be sure to talk about the attractions and specials that you have.

Taking some time to use the tips here will help you get the foot traffic you want and deserve for your tradeshow display. This is essential in ensuring that people know where you are and what you will be offering.

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