How To Maintain Your Septic In Apopka, FL

by | Nov 6, 2013 | Septic Tanks

Roughly 30% of the United States residential and commercial sewage disposal use a septic system design. The design is rather simple however, there are certain procedures that must take place in order to ensure a properly functioning system. Although green lush patches of grass over your septic tank may look inviting, a closer look and smell could mean that your Septic in Apopka FL is not working properly and could be emitting gaseous fumes and releasing contaminated water into the ground.

Every three to five years, a septic system needs to be pumped or at the very least should be examined to inspect for a build up of sludge or solid materials. All water leaving a home or business leaves through the sewer pipes, drains into the septic tank, goes through a distribution box and out to a leaching system. The septic tank itself is where live microorganisms eat away at the solid materials that gather. If the system is working properly there are enough microorganisms that will eat away at the solids in adequate time as to not produce a back-up.

While a standard septic tank can hold at a minimum 1,000 gallons of liquid and is made out of steel, plastic, or concrete, the leaching fields can vary depending on many different conditions. For instance, the type of soil that the septic system is on will determine the type of leach field. A common form of residential leaches use a lot of stone around hollow structures.

Today, with the amount of contaminated ground water that results from faulty septic systems, the newer systems come with many safety measures in place. While a standard tank may be 1,000 gallon, only a certain percentage of that tank is every utilized before alarms, back-flows or even routine mandated pumping regulations in your area help reduce the risks of contamination.

There are frequent issues that arise with a septic system that should be inspected on a regular basis. In addition, simple ownership fact such as not parking on top of your leach field to prevent compacting the soil is a simple task into increasing the longevity of your system. Advise company that all solid materials must be thrown away as opposed to flushing is appreciated and even limiting your garbage disposal use can help keep your Septic in Apopka, FL in working order.

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