How to Install a TV Screen Protector in Less Than 10 Minutes

by | Jan 22, 2013 | Screen Protectors

If you have turned your back for less than a minute only to discover that your young one has thrown a Wii controller, a bottled drink or a ball at your television, you are probably considering fitting a screen protector. A TV screen protector could really reduce the chances of a problem, even if your television is a fragile flat screen. These products are proven to strengthen the screen and reduce glare from UV rays. As beneficial as a TV screen protector can be, many people refrain from installing them because they believe it to be difficult. Despite this, you can fit a TV screen protector in 10 minutes or less when you know how.

Tools You Will Need

Once you order a TV screen protector from a company that sells these products, you will receive three different materials. The TV cover will be delivered to you and you should have checked the size of your television before buying, to ensure that this will fit your television snugly. As well as the cover you will need two clamps and some Velcro buttons. Velcro is chosen because it is very strong and will hold the screen protector in place, without the need for strong glue or adhesives that could potentially affect the condition of your television. When you have gathered all of the items together you can start reading the instructions and begin reaping the rewards of screen protection.

Fitting the Clamp

The clamps you receive with the TV screen protector will be specially designed to keep the cover in place, without being too tight and scratching the surface beneath. The screen will have a hole in it and you should fit the clamp inside this hole. Clamps will be made available in a range of sizes and you can lower them into place over the back of the TV, which will make the TV cover even more secure. After doing this, the clamp will be locked in place and if you move the television upside down, the screen should stay in place without coming loose.

Attaching the Velcro Pieces

The final part of the installation process for a TV screen protector involves attaching Velcro pieces. These should be secured on the bottom of the screen and the purpose of this is to make removal that little bit easier. If you ever want to clean your television or readjust the screen protector in any way, you can detach the Velcro pieces without fretting about leftover residue from glue and strong adhesives.

Guests will have no idea that you have installed a TV screen protector and it will not affect the TV resolution. To work with a company that offers a 30-day money back guarantee, visit

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