How to Get Involved with Custom Plastisol Transfer Vendors

If your business provides screen printed shirts and other garments to customers, custom plastisol transfer vendors can have many benefits. They help reduce costs and make for a more flexible inventory. You can do heat transfers on-site with various materials, colors, and designs. Getting started might seem daunting, but here are a few steps to the process which may help you start benefiting quickly.

1. Industry experts allow you to select the sheet size. Check with the provider to see what is available. They should list attributes such as image area, layout, and the configurations available plus the target customer such as an adult or child. The vendor should also list files with the layouts and templates offered.

2. Ink color is a major consideration with heat transfer. Check for swatches of sample colors online. There should be enough diversity to match your requirements. If not, see if the vendor can mix colors to produce a custom option, and what this would cost. Also check for indication a base coat is needed, which might add to the total price.

3. Placing an order is generally easy. Many providers will offer a custom quote and then you can order by phone or the Internet. Each is accomplished with a simple form with fields for your exact specifications and quantities. Most vendors are flexible with payment methods and allow you to pay with cash, if visiting their site, or by credit card or other method.

Ordering Tips

If the company allows you to submit designs, check their guidelines for the rules and restrictions. Specifications may also be listed so it’s important to read everything carefully so there are no mistakes and subsequent delays in orders. Vendors are generally flexible. You can upload any file; just make sure the image meets their guidelines.

Once you receive an order, it is also important to follow instructions precisely. The idea is to have an easy solution and save on costs. Mistakes can cause delays in service and lead to more expenses. These can be avoided. Custom plastisol transfer vendors are very detailed about their services so all you need to do is check the website, or call the company, to learn exactly what you need to do. Follow the right steps, and the vendor can meet all your needs as far as promptness, quality, and flexibility. The process takes just a few simple steps.

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