How To Choose A Panel-Clip

Finding ways to attach items to a wall is not always easy. Large and heavy items are not suitable for standard picture wire and hooks attached to the back of the picture or the frame. The same is also true for mirrors, large displays, light boxes in stores and retail outlets and even for heavy furniture items.

To provide a secure option to hang or attach these types of items securely to a wall, the panel-clip, also known as a panel hanger or a Z clip is really the ideal choice. Of all these names, the Z-clip is the most descriptive as this is the exact shape of these interlocking clip components

How They Work

To create the solid, dependable and reliable options to attach items to the wall the surface contact area between the two sides of the clip as well as the surface of the wall or panel (the item to be attached to the wall) needs to be substantial. This spreads the weight of the panel over a bigger surface, eliminating the risk of the clip pulling out from the wall, something that is common with other types of hangers.

The Z clip or panel-clip has two aluminum strips that, in profile, have a flattened out Z shape. On the wall, the top of the Z is out from the wall with the bottom of the Z attached to the wall. This is the opposite to the panel configuration.

To engaged the clip simply position the panel open Z over the bottom open Z and slide it down. The two interlock and the item is securely held in place.

Size and Interlocking Portion

The width of both the panel-clip as well as the interlocking portion has to be considered. The heavier the weight that the clip has to hold the longer and wider the clip should be.

Always check to verify the weight that specific length and size of Z clip are designed to carry. As these clips are completely hidden from view, they are an ideal option even to hold furniture securely to a wall to avoid tipping.

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