How To Choose A Company For Small Hole EDM Drilling

In the medical and dental device manufacturing fields, as well as in prototype and production development in a range of other industries, small hole EDM drilling may be a service required for a particular component.

This process is very exacting and requires quality control, a complete understanding of the applicable standards, as well as compliance with all ISO standards for the production of medical devices. It also takes experience and expertise in the design through to the production aspects of the job.

The term small hole EDM drilling may also be interchanged with micro hole popping or micro hole burning and different companies and different industries may use specific terms. When choosing a machining company to complete any precision EDM services taking the time to compare different companies is a very wise decision.

Established EDM Service

Any type of specialized machining requires experienced machinists as well design teams and support. By choosing an established EDM service, your business will have the expertise and experience of the service to assist in the development of the component.

Using an established company for small hole EDM drilling allows you also to check on the company’s record of customer satisfaction, have a complete understanding of lead time requirements and also verify the company delivers when promised.

Ability to Work to Tolerances

Established companies with a top reputation will use state of the art equipment which allows for adherence to very tight tolerances. Using a CNC controlled system it is possible to drill small holes from as small as 0.002 of an inch to up to 0.125 inches.

Additionally, with the need for precision hole patterns in a particular part or component the accuracy of each hole will be plus or minus 0.00002 of an inch, which meets or exceeds all required tolerances and standards.

Ability to Work with Materials

While price comparison will be an issue in choosing an EDM service, it is equally important to make sure that the company has extensive experience in working with the specific material for your project. This many include standard metals such as stainless steel, steel, aluminum, titanium or other common metals, but it may also include conductive ceramics and powdered metals.

Finally, verify the type of testing methods used by the service. A top EDM service will offer a quality assurance program as well as a range of different inspection and testing options to provide quality parts manufactured exactly to order.

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