How to Care for Tooth Extractions in Pampa TX

Having Tooth Extractions in Pampa TX is a serious procedure. It requires proper care immediately after the oral surgery in order to guarantee the healing takes place as quickly and efficiently as possible. Here are the main things to do on the day of the extraction.

What to Do During the First Hour Following the Surgery

Immediately following the extraction, it is important to bite down on the gauze packs that are over the area that the surgery occurred. These gauze packs should be left in place for at least one hour after surgery to guarantee healing takes place. After keeping it in place for the first hour, it should be changed out every thirty to forty-five minutes, depending on the amount of bleeding that is taking place.

Be Incredibly Careful With the Teeth

Once the Tooth Extractions in Pampa TX have taken place, it is important to be extremely careful with the teeth to promote healing. On the day of the surgery, the area should not be probed with any type of object, and it should not be rinsed. It is okay to brush the teeth, as long as it is done gently and carefully.

Cut Down on Activities for the Time Being

After having the tooth extraction, it is important to cut down on physical activities, so the tooth has a chance to heal. Exercising or performing any type of activity will cause swelling, bleeding and pain in the mouth. The best options are couch rest or bed rest for the first three to four days after having the extraction. This gives the body plenty of time to heal and recover from the surgery.

Apply Ice on Any Swelling That Appears

Swelling after the surgery is a completely normal thing to happen. Swelling usually occurs between two to three days after the surgery. The most effective way to treat swelling like this is by applying an ice bag or ice pack to the cheek on the side where the extraction was. Apply the ice twenty minutes on and twenty minutes off during the first few days after the surgery.

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