How Sales Coaching For IT Companies Differ From Others

It seems that everywhere you turn, some firm is offering sales coaching rather than training (or in conjunction with training). It is a way to teach people what they should be doing and ensure that it gets done. However, IT companies are different because selling services and equipment related to Information Technology is tougher than selling a coffee maker or footwear. The industry itself evolves continuously. Likewise, buyers are smarter now than ever and will take their time to research the best products and options, meaning your team has to be on their toes and know what to do.

What To Look For

The ultimate goal is to find sales coaching that fits in with IT companies. They should have experience in the industry, whether from selling or working on the equipment. Likewise, they can help you develop leadership and grow your team.

They are likely to have a wide variety of topics available for everyone, from management on down, and can focus on presentations, account development, strategies, cultivation, or conversions.

How They Help

Coaches can help your team develop their skills for selling, and teach them how to create value in a way that customers can easily understand. While some clients may be techies, others may not have a vast knowledge of computers and other Information Technology. It is up to your salespeople to help them understand those things, as well as learn how to cross or up-sell.

They can also build rapport with customers, improve management and reduce turnover and fear associated with such a technical industry.

IT managers can also benefit from sales coaching, as they’ll learn how to motivate and build morale, as well as learn leadership skills that will help them communicate more efficiently, which can help your company get more revenue.

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