How Pulsar® Products Improve Safety and Reduce Health Issues in Swimming Pools

Poor maintenance can lead to illnesses and injuries in swimming pools, says the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Here’s how the right Pool Cleaning Chemicals can make a difference.

Keep chemicals at optimal levels

Chlorination of pools with Pulsar® products helps you ensure that chemicals in the pool are at optimal levels. By regulating disinfectant levels in the pool, you won’t have to worry about bacteria, algae and other kinds of microbial growth thriving in the pool’s waters.

Keep chlorine from running out

Opting for a reliable and effective swimming pool water treatment solution from trustworthy brands in the business mean you won’t have to worry about running out much-needed pool disinfectants. Put in automatic reminders to ensure you’ll never have to run out of chlorine to keep your pools free of any bacteria, dirt and other forms of contamination.

Easy access

Pulsar® products are available in all of the U.S. and Canada. If you’re in any of these areas, putting in  order for one of the powerful sanitizers we have in our inventory can help turn things around for your pool facilities.

Boost your image

If you run or manage a water amusement park, one way to build your brand and image is to ensure your facilities are spotless and clean. That’s going to draw in more customers to your park. Finding the right chlorination solution in amusement parks is crucial in maintaining the cleanliness of your facilities. After all, people are much more likely to pay a visit to your park if the facilities, including the pools, are clean. If they get itchy, suffer from rashes or find the pool waters dirty, that’s going to send them running in the other direction. Keep that from happening by using the right Pool Cleaning Chemicals to sanitize and disinfect your pool.

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