How Printing Services in Chicago Can Save Your Business Money

How much does your business spend on printing in a single fiscal year? Increasing your profits is a matter of reducing your expenditures and/or increasing your revenue. Increasing your revenue is a matter of advertising, product placement, product quality, and several other factors. Many of these factors, such as customer behavior, are out of your control. That means controlling your costs is the most immediate and effective way to increase your profits or balance your books. If your business is in trouble, or if you’ve just been trying to improve profit margins, you’ve probably started by cutting the big expenses. Have you thought about how much you spend on printing? That means everyday printing as well as the big jobs.

How to Save Money on the Big Jobs

Sometimes, reading something on a computer screen just doesn’t cut it. If you want to have a meeting with everybody engaged in the content, or want to be able to easily disseminate information, you might need to print it. People might ignore an email or a texted link, but they won’t ignore a heavy booklet full of information. They’ll especially pay attention if that booklet is colorful and well-constructed. However, that construction is going to cost you a good bit of money.

Paper expenses themselves can grow pretty high if you print a lot at your business. Then you have to account for the amount of toner needed. For a full-color or image-heavy booklet, you’ll go through a lot of toner. At the price most businesses pay for toner, you’ll end up spending a large amount of money on your booklets, which will cut into your profit margins. Printing services tend to save money on big jobs for many reasons, one of which is the amount of money they save buying their printing tools in bulk. They have professional-grade digital printers, bulk stores of paper, and bulk stores of toner.

Other Professional Needs

Printing services in Chicago can create compelling, personalized stationery for your business to use as advertisements. These can be custom letterhead or custom stationery, as well as bigger items, such as calendars. Calendars are especially popular because they serve a purpose other than strictly advertising. For the business, they are advertising tools, but for the customer they can serve a function. Since they are functional, people tend to keep them instead of throwing them away. Since they are organizational tools, people tend to display them prominently. Also, calendars offer large spaces at the top of the page for advertisements and photos that your potential customers will see every day. Anything functional, such as postcards or stationery, is going to be a very great marketing tool.

When you hire custom printing services, you reduce your bulk printing costs while also increasing the quality of your printed materials.

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