How Many Times Have I Told Myself That I Want To Quit Smoking?

To be honest, speaking as a senior citizen who has been smoking since his schooldays, I have completely lost count of the number of times that I have said that I Want To Quit Smoking. After any number of failed attempts, I have even modified the phrase to:-

I Must Quit Smoking

So why on Earth do I light up a cigarette every morning, after waking up and before I take the first mouthful of mu morning coffee? Not only that, I have at least a couple more cigarettes before the coffee mug is empty. At the same time, I am swallowing the meds prescribed by my cardiologist after I experienced a fairly major heart attack. Believe me, I am often thinking that I Want To Quit Smoking.

But, Somehow, I Never Do

Furthermore, I am not even sure why I find it so difficult to throw away my cigarettes and quit smoking for good. (I might even try it again tomorrow – but, as they say, “tomorrow never comes”).

Is it just that I am such a weak willed individual that I can never finish anything that I start to do? I do not think so but I will not bore you here with a list of my completed achievements. However, thinking about what I have just said, the things that I did achieve were all things that I really did want to do and wanted to succeed at.

The Motivation To Want To Successfully Quit Smoking

My lack of such motivation has to be the reason why all my past efforts to quit smoking have never lasted more than about three months or so. I enjoy smoking my cigarettes and I sort of con myself into believing that they help to reduce my stress levels which should be good for my existing heart condition.

What a load of rubbish this is; who is trying to convince whom? What about all the other smoke related diseases like diabetes, gangrene or lung problems, etc? Deep down, I know that any stress relief my cigarettes might provide is not worthwhile in comparison to other things that could well happen to me.

How Can I Become Truly Motivated To Quit Smoking?

I have tried several different methods and conclude that taking nicotine from alternative sources does not work for me. What I need is something that will change my mindset so that, the next time I say that I Want To Quit Smoking, I really do mean it.


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